Roy Burke a.k.a. Doctor HP Flowers, was a polymath, a poet, musicologist, photographer, and scientist. His insatiable desire to study everything from wildflowers to country roads to Lightnin’ Hopkins and fluid dynamics was reflected in nearly 50 years of professional and ‘amateur’ work. In the last years of his life from 2010-2015, Doc published first Doctor HP Flowers and then Stone Mountain Meanderings on the web as a way to express himself and amuse his friends. I encourage you to visit those sites to feel the full 100 proof buzz. Doctor Flowers Redux is an attempt to post additional Roy Burke photos, musicology, and writings by him and about him in an effort to keep alive his inspiring mind for those who knew him and some who might find his work for the first time. All photos property of Roy C. Burke Estate and cannot be used without permission. Permission inquiries to robmaynard1@yahoo.com.