Forest Grove Baptist Church, Rappahannock County, Virginia February 11, 2006 In Snow


Photo by Roy Burke

Country Churches were one of Doc’s very favorite subjects. He made sure to visit them(and re-visit favorites) throughout his ramblings.  If there was not a national forest handy, lunch at the tailgate would nearly always be in a country churchyard. His church aesthetic for the best photographs were exacting, and very nearly impossible to reach in the time and place he shot most of his photos. This shot, about as Currier and Ives as you can get in 2006, fell short by the length of the two utility wires crossing the picture, a technological affront to the identity of the country church as a simpler, earlier place in his mind’s eye.

Mile 629.1, 1032am May 27, 2009, Grayson County, Virginia

Grayson Co VA Church and Curve. Photo Roy Burke

Grayson Co VA Church and Curve. Photo Roy Burke

No traffic. Beautiful soft gray light. Relaxation and peace are my moment. And the soothing soft hum of the truck. I’m a lucky man. low clouds, wispy mists brush the hill tops. Hard rain, wipers, lights, downhill brakes. Downshift, second gear. Grayson County absolutely magnificent in this weather and spectacular light.-Roy Burke 2009 county road log excerpt